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Thiva vs Maro: Which Free Fire character is better for Clash Squad mode?

Thiva finally made his way to Garena Free Fire on 28 August as a free login reward for the 4th-anniversary celebrations. Many gamers have finally got their hands on the new character, based on Michael Thivaios of DVLM.

Maro, on the other hand, was a part of additions in the OB27 update. Like Thiva, the developers introduced him as part of a collaboration between Garena and famous Egyptian singer and actor Mohamed Ramadan.

Both Maro and Thiva are passive ability characters and provide excellent tactical advantages. Users can equip either of them in Free Fire’s 4v4 Clash Squad mode to get benefits.

Clash Squad mode in Free Fire: Maro, Thiva, and their abilities


Maro - Falcon Fervor (Image via Free Fire)
Maro – Falcon Fervor (Image via Free Fire)

Maro has a passive ability known as Falcon Fervor. At level 1, it increases the damage over distance by up to 5%. In addition, the skill enhances the damage dealt to marked enemies by 1%.

Hence, Maro can be considered a decent character to attack enemies, especially over longer ranges. Players can further make him threatening with subsequent level-ups.

Falcon Fervor level-ups

Level 1:

  • Damage increased over distance: 5%
  • Damage increased on marked enemies: 1%

Level 2:

  • Damage increased over distance: 7%
  • Damage increased on marked enemies: 1.5%

Level 3:

  • Damage increased over distance: 10%
  • Damage increased on marked enemies: 2%.

Level 4:

  • Damage increased over distance: 14%
  • Damage increased on marked enemies: 2.5%.

Level 5:

  • Damage increased over distance: 19%
  • Damage increased on marked enemies: 3%.

Level 6:

  • Damage increased over distance: 25%
  • Damage increased on marked enemies: 3.5%.


Thiva - Vital Vibes (Image via Free Fire)
Thiva – Vital Vibes (Image via Free Fire)

Thiva is also a passive ability character. Vital Vibes helps in increasing the rescue (help-up) speed whenever players are down.

At his first level, the rescue speed can boost up to 5%, followed by an HP regeneration which lasts for five seconds. During the five seconds, players gain a specific amount of HP.

Vital Vibes make Thiva a great Free Fire character to provide support to allies. They can further strengthen Thiva through various level-ups in Free Fire.

Vital Vibes level-ups

Level 1:

  • Rescue speed increase: 5%
  • HP recovery: 15 in five seconds

Level 2:

  • Rescue speed increase: 8%
  • HP recovery: 20 in five seconds

Level 3:

  • Rescue speed increase: 11%
  • HP recovery: 25 in five seconds

Level 4:

  • Rescue speed increase: 14%
  • HP recovery: 30 in five seconds

Level 5:

  • Rescue speed increase: 17%
  • HP recovery: 35 in five seconds

Level 6:

  • Rescue speed increase: 20%
  • HP recovery: 40 in five seconds

Conclusion: Which Free Fire character is better?

Who is better: Thiva or Maro (Image via Garena)
Who is better: Thiva or Maro (Image via Garena)

It is pretty clear by their abilities that both Thiva and Maro are crucial characters for the CS mode. Maro helps aggressive players, while Thiva provides immense team support.

Since both Free Fire characters help in different aspects of the game, it isn’t easy to compare and choose the better one. Hence, gamers who adopt an aggressive strategy can opt for Maro, while those with defensive gameplay should go for Thiva.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author’s views.


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