Saturday, June 03, 2023

Tournament mode is reportedly coming to Valorant soon

Valorant will soon get a tournament mode, as the popular data miner, Mike (@ValorLeak on Twitter) has recently revealed more about its features.

In June 2021, the Competitive designer of Valorant, Jon “EvrMoar” Walker unveiled that an “act-based tournament system” was already under development. Now that data miners have revealed more about the Valorant’s upcoming tournament mode, there is a high possibility it will arrive soon.

Riot Games’ League of Legends, had a similar game mode which allows players to team up for tournaments held during an Act. A similar feature like this in Valorant will also be benefitting players with incentives.

More about the Valorant’s upcoming Tournament mode

As the leaks suggest, the tournament mode will have “super cool prizes” for winners but nothing specific about the rewards have been mentioned yet. Moreover, players have to verify their identity to form or join a team in the tournament more.

The tournaments will take place every other weekend. Furthermore, it will have features like a scouting board, tournament shop, and team tags.

Players can do the following things to create teams for the tournament mode:

  • Formation of the team: After the players are done with the verification process, they can invite their teammates to squad up.
  • Search for teammates: In case players are in need of a team, they can join the teams that are available. Else, they can also post themselves as free agents on the scouting board.

Nevertheless, the addition of the tournament mode in the game will fuel the competition in Valorant by providing some exciting rewards to the players. However, players may have limitations in playing the tournament mode, depending on their ranks, as EvrMoar’s tweet from June 2021 suggests.

As of now, all this information has been revealed by data miners about the upcoming tournament mode in Valorant. However, the Riot Games have not made any official statements about the upcoming mode’s feature or its estimated date of arrival. Yet Valorant fans and the community can expect it to arrive soon in the upcoming updates.


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