Friday, March 31, 2023

Tyron Woodley agrees to get ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo on his thigh; needs to see the contract for the rematch first

Former UFC welterweight Tyron Woodley inferred that he would, in fact, get an ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo on himself after his split decision loss against Jake Paul. Woodley, however, had only one condition: To receive a contract for their rematch bout.

When asked if he was going to get the tattoo, ‘The Chosen One’ replied:

“Sh*t, I don’t know, I need to see the paperwork on this rematch because I think that’s the game plan. To be honest, [Jake Paul] gave me his word, he hasn’t [been] wrong since, so I kinda gotta roll with him on that. He’s honored everything he said to me, since the beginning with this whole promotion thing so…sh*t I’ll probably get it to where I can’t fu***ing look at that b**ch.”

Paul initially challenged Tyron Woodley to a winner-take-all bet that would allow the victor to take home the combined purse for the main event bout. However, Woodley let the idea slide, which led Jake Paul to present a new idea where the fight’s loser would have to get permanently inked.

When asked where he plans on getting the tattoo, Tyron Woodley replied:

“Probably on my thigh or some sh*t, you thought I was gonna get it on my face cuz?…”

Watch Tyron Woodley’s full post-fight press conference below:

Tyron Woodley immediately asked for a rematch in the ring after the fight

The former UFC welterweight champion confronted Jake Paul right away after losing to him via split decision. Woodley asked ‘The Problem Child’ for an immediate rematch because he thought he won the fight.

Woodley said:

“I feel like if that was the second biggest PPV, then Round 2 is going to be bigger than that. No disrespect, but f**k the Fury fight. Me and Jake need to run that back!”

Watch his post-fight interview here:

If Tyron Woodley gets a rematch against Jake Paul, do you think the outcome would be different the second time around? Or will Woodley succumb to the pressure once again? Let us know in the comments below!

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