Saturday, March 18, 2023

‘Virgin River’ Can’t Be Chaste Out Of No. 1 Nielsen Streaming Spot; ‘Luca’ Lingers In Top 10

Netflix drama Virgin River spent a second straight week atop Nielsen’s U.S. streaming chart, in a subdued period when it was the only title to draw more than 1 billion minutes of viewing.

With 30 episodes in circulation, the series collected almost 1.3 billion viewing minutes, besting Manifest, which had 939 million. The tallies were down notably from the prior week, when Virgin River had 2.1 billion minutes and Manifest roughly 1.3 billion.

The latest numbers are from the week of July 19 to 25. Nielsen tracks streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney+, releasing the stats about a month later, by arrangement with the streaming providers. Only viewing via a TV set is counted, meaning no mobile activity is reflected.

In terms of new blood on the chart, the second season of Never Have I Ever, which premiered July 15, came in sixth. It had 567 million minutes of viewing across its 20 episodes. A third season of the original coming-of-age comedy, which is co-created by Mindy Kaling and produced by Universal Television, has just been ordered by Netflix.

Disney+ saw a good hold from Pixar movie release Luca, which wound up No. 8 in its fourth week of straight-to-streaming release. The well-reviewed film had 454 million minutes of viewing, down from 521 million in the previous week.

Netflix continues to offer subscribers at least one new original movie a week. The latest one to hit Nielsen’s radar, German-language plane hijacking/vampire mash-up Blood Red Sky, collected a modest 296 million viewing minutes in the U.S. Globally, though, the film is the top German film or TV title ever on Netflix, with the streaming giant expecting it to pass 50 million global household views this week.

Below is the full top 10, with total minutes of viewing. Unless otherwise noted, all titles are on Netflix.

Virgin River – 30 episodes, 1.3 billion minutes of viewing

Manifest – 29 eps., 939M min.

Grey’s Anatomy – 376 eps., 723M min.

Cocomelon – 12 eps., 679M min.

Criminal Minds – 316 eps., 630M min.

Never Have I Ever – 20 eps., 567M min.

NCIS – 353 eps., 514M min.

Luca (Disney+) – film, 454M min.

Atypical – 38 eps., 422M min.

Downton Abbey – 50 eps., 407M min.


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