Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Watch: Anderson Silva trains his son Kalyl Silva who went on to win kickboxing debut with a single strike

In a recently uploaded video, UFC legend Anderson Silva can be seen training his son Kalyl Silva prior to his professional kickboxing debut.

In a video uploaded to Kalyl Silva’s official Instagram account, ‘The Spider’ is visible coaching his son and drilling striking techniques with him.

Watch the video below:

It is unquestionable whether the mentoring process was successful, as Kalyl, only 22, needed a single kick to stop his opponent Anthony Reynaga. The bout took place at FightersRep 10 over a weekend in California.

The strong leg kick may be a result of Kalyl being an avid soccer player. Prior to transitioning into kickboxing like his legendary father and former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, Kalyl played for LA10 as a forward in the United Premier Soccer League.

Even the 22-year old debutant was surprised by the finish. While speaking to MMA Fighting, Kalyl said:

“It was a good experience, I got in the fight planning to throw that kick. I was training that kick before I left home that day, but I didn’t expect it to get it done that quickly. It was pure reaction. He was going to throw a kick, I got out, and my reaction was to do that kick. I was surprised that I was able to knock him out, but I prepared for that.”

Watch Kalyl Silva finish his opponent only after 8 seconds in his pro debut:

Anderson Silva will face Tito Ortiz on September 11

While Kalyl Silva impressed in his debut, Anderson Silva is preparing for his scheduled return to the boxing ring against fellow ex-UFC fighter Tito Ortiz. Kalyl will look to help his father in training camp as Anderson Silva did for him leading up to his professional debut.

‘The Spider’ retired from MMA after a hall-of-fame-worthy career after losing to Uriah Hall. He has since shifted his focus towards boxing, where he has already defeated an elite boxer like Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Do you think Tito Ortiz will be able to stop Anderson Silva in the boxing ring, especially after how he looked against a young and energetic opponent like Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.? Let us know below!

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