Saturday, March 25, 2023

WGA West President David A. Goodman Asks Members To Take Survey On Agents & Managers

Saying that “this may be my last official request as President of the WGAW,” David A. Goodman is asking members to take a quick survey about the current status of their representation by agents and managers. Goodman’s term ends on September 21, when he’ll be succeeded by Meredith Stiehm, who was one of the leaders in the WGA’s historic campaign to reshape the agency business.

“As nearly six months have passed since the conclusion of the Agency Campaign, and my nightmares have almost stopped,” he quipped in an email to members, “the Guild wants to better understand how members are represented, whether that be with an agency, a manager, neither or both. It’ll only take you a minute to help us update your representation information. And if you don’t have representation, we need to know that, too.”

The survey has five parts:
1. Are you currently represented by a franchised agency?
2. Please tell us which franchised agency represents you.
3. Are currently seeking to be represented by a franchised agency?
4. Why are you not seeking to be represented by a franchised agency?
5. Are you currently represented by a management company?

Possible answers to Question 4 include:
a. I don’t need or want agency representation
b. I am satisfied being represented by a manager without agency representation
c. I am satisfied being represented by a lawyer without agency representation
d. I stopped seeking agency representation after unsuccessful attempt(s) to get signed

WGA Rescinding Authority Of Managers & Lawyers To Procure Jobs For Members

Having recently won its two-year legal battle with the major agencies, answers to the last two questions could be important if the WGA decides to take on personal managers next. Unlike agents, managers are not regulated by either the guild or the state. Managers, however, played a key role in helping members find work after they fired their agents en masse at the start of the agency campaign.


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