Friday, October 15, 2021

What is the meaning of Georges St-Pierre’s chest tattoo? 

The tattoo on Georges St-Pierre‘s chest is a Kanji tattoo that translates to jiu-jitsu. The Canadian is one of many notable people who sport the ancient art form on their bodies.

While in conversation with MMA Mania, GSP previously opened up about the meaning of both of his tattoos. Here’s what the former welterweight and middleweight kingpin had to say:

“The tattoo on my chest means that there are two sides to me. I can be very rude and I can be very nice. I like to be rude when I fight,” said Georges St-Pierre.

Kanji tattoos and artwork can be traced back to Japanese art and writing. Kanji is used alongside the syllabic scripts of Hiragana and Katakana in Japan. Having evolved from textual Chinese, Kanji is used to write verbs, adjectives, nouns and adverbs. This offers artists the perfect opportunity to immortalize the script on their clients’ bodies in the form of a tattoo.

What does the other tattoo that Georges St-Pierre has mean?

Georges St-Pierre, in addition to the Kanji tattoo on his chest, has another tattoo on his right leg, the symbol of the Fleur de Lis. GSP revealed that the tattoo is a tribute to his links to Quebec.

In the same interview with MMA Mania, the UFC legend offered fans some insight into his second tattoo.

“The tattoo on my leg represents Quebec,” said Georges St-Pierre.

Popularly recognized as a symbol of French presence in North America, the symbol has been a mainstay on the flag of Quebec since 1948. What’s more, it has featured on a number of flags for communities that can trace their roots back to their French ancestors.

The glory that Georges St-Pierre has accrued in the MMA landscape has only bolstered the fame and popularity of these tattoos for his fans to mimic.

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