Monday, March 20, 2023

What’s It Like Getting Tested For Covid At The Venice Film Festival (Ahead Of A Flight Home)?

Most countries currently require travellers to present a negative Covid test on entry.

So, it’s good news that Venice Film Festival delegates can get free tests at multiple Red Cross sites within the festival grounds before they travel home.

These are rapid antigen tests with a sensitivity of 97% and specificity of 99%. Most countries require travellers to take a test 2-3 days before they return. Countries require different types and qualities of tests so it’s worth checking national requirements ahead of time.



Venice festival guests are directed to book Covid tests online via the Boxol ticketing site but – in keeping with other online ticketing issues this festival – the page has been down all day.

So, today I went down to one of the Red Cross tents to get a test ahead of my return to the UK. The staff were friendly and there was no queue. There were multiple booths administering tests. I got a test soon after registering a few details (including showing some ID and my festival pass) and providing my passport details. The test itself was taken via both nostrils (the swab was inserted deeper and for a longer duration than I have experienced before).

After around 20 minutes, I got my hard copy test result, which I’ll need to show at the airport. The centre was unable to send an email confirmation.


All in all, the test site offered an efficient and easy service. Hopefully, the online booking page will be back up and running soon.

As we revealed, in its first couple of days the festival carried out 676 Covid tests on guests and processed zero positive results.


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