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Where to find Amakumo Fruits in Genshin Impact: Interactive map and locations revealed

Genshin Impact players looking for Amakumo Fruit locations can find it in Seirai Island.

The Raiden Shogun needs 168 Amakumo Fruits to fully ascend in Genshin Impact. This ascension material is only present in Seirai Island and cannot be found anywhere else in Genshin Impact (at least, as of the 2.1 update). No vendor sells this item, just as no recipes or weapons utilize it, either.

This article will include an interactive map for all Amakumo Fruit locations. Genshin Impact players can manipulate this interactive map however they see fit, making it an extremely beneficial tool for convenience. As the map would suggest, Amakumo Fruits are scattered all over Seirai Island.

Genshin Impact guide: All Amakumo Fruits locations revealed in an interactive map

Fittingly enough, the Amakumo Fruit locations are primarily concentrated around Amakumo Peak. Seirai Island has several Teleport Waypoints around this area, making it easy for Genshin Impact players to farm this rare ascension material.

Amakumo Fruits tend to be clustered together (especially near Amakumo Peak). There are a few locations near Koseki Village and Fort Hiraumi as well. It’s worth noting that there are noticeably fewer Amakumo Fruits in these two places when compared to Amakumo Peak.

Genshin Impact players can also move the interactive map around to confirm that Amakumo Fruit doesn’t spawn anywhere else. They only exist on Seirai Island, as of Genshin Impact 2.1.

Amakumo Fruit locations

An Amakumo Fruit is a local specialty. All ascension materials of this type respawn in 48 hours after being harvested. Hence, Genshin Impact players can recollect the same Amakumo Fruit two days after they initially gathered it.

This fact means that Genshin Impact players can collect everything and wait two days to do it again. These two days aren’t in-game days, either. Instead, it’s two real-life days that players must wait before attempting to collect more local specialties.

Genshin Impact fans can also get three Amakumo Fruits from the Raiden Shogun’s Test Run under “Events.”

Getting to Seirai Island

Be careful of several lightning bolts when traveling to Amakumo Peak (Image via Genshin Impact)
Be careful of several lightning bolts when traveling to Amakumo Peak (Image via Genshin Impact)

As Seirai Island is a part of Inazuma, it means that not every Genshin Impact player can get there. If one hasn’t advanced far enough in the Archon Quest series, then they won’t be able to make it to Inazuma.

They won’t be able to fully explore Inazuma during their first visit either. Genshin Impact players have to progress far enough in the Archon Quest in Inazuma to be granted permission for unabated exploration.

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