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Where to look for Dratini in Pokemon GO

Dratini has graced Pokemon GO with its presence since launch day in July 2016, and it remains a fan-favorite for both new and old Pokemon fans.

Trainers searching for Dratini may have their hands full, as its status as a Dragon-type Pokemon makes it a significantly rare find in the wild. However, the love the community has for this Pokemon and its evolutions ensures it never stays out of the spotlight for long.

There are a few ways to find Dratini in Pokemon GO, but only a few can be enacted this September.

Ways to find Dratini in Pokemon GO

Dratini can be tough to find organically outside of events, but it isn
Dratini can be tough to find organically outside of events, but it isn’t an impossible task (Image via Niantic).

According to Niantic, Dragon-type Pokemon can be found in the wild near “places of interest,” which trainers have deduced to mean landmarks and other areas of fame or significance.

Looking for these areas may be a good starting point when it comes to finding Dratini in the wild (outside of an event that revolves around the Pokemon). Players are not guaranteed to find Dratini using this method, but it can be worth a shot for trainers who don’t mind making the trip.

Dratini has also previously been featured in egg hatches and as a one-star raid boss. Unfortunately, it is currently not in Pokemon GO’s egg pool or raid lineup. However, the tiny Dragon-type Pokemon will likely make its return sooner rather than later due to its popularity.

There is one method of finding Dratini this September that doesn’t involve combing through famous spaces or waiting around.

Currently, Dratini and Bagon encounters are the rewards for a specific Pokemon GO research task called “Catch 10 Dragon-type Pokemon.” If Pokemon GO trainers can land this research task from a Pokestop and complete it, they have a solid chance of obtaining Dratini.

Some players may opt to take their chances in the wild or wait for Dratini to return as an egg hatch or raid boss. Meanwhile, others may be more comfortable waiting for Dratini to be a part of an event that increases its spawn chances or offers it as a reward. Whatever players decide to do, Dratini is a great Pokemon to have.

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