Thursday, March 23, 2023

Who is Ayesha Akram? Viral video shows Pakistani TikToker being harassed by a mob of fans

A Pakistani Tiktoker named Ayesha Akram was assaulted by over 400 men in the famous Minar-e-Pakistan. Akram and her crew were filming a video for Pakistan’s Independence Day. She was seen holding the Indian flag along with Pakistan’s flag, which allegedly triggered the men.

A group approached the TikToker claiming that they would like to take a picture with her. This ended with Ayesha Akram being assaulted by a huge crowd.

Akram told a local news channel:

“I couldn’t understand anything. The people were torturing and fondling me. There is no part of my body that isn’t covered with bruises.

The security guard at the park tried to lead her outside the gated fence bordering the monument. However, the mob jumped over the fence and advanced towards her.

Ayesha Akram was physically assaulted in broad daylight

Twitterati expressed mixed emotions about the unfortunate incident. Many called out Akram for “seeking publicity” while some were enraged at what took place.

According to a police report, 300 to 400 men encircled Akram and assaulted her while tearing her clothes apart. Pakistani news outlets stated that Ayesha Akram was repeatedly tossed into the air and passed from one group of men to another. Several men were seen filming the incident before she was rescued.

Akram’s jewelry was stolen during the incident as well along with her crew’s phone, money, and identity cards.

“Why did this happen? Nobody there knew me. Is this punishment for being a daughter of Pakistan? If one person would let go of my clothes then another person would come and try to tear at them.” -Ayesha Akram

Ayesha Akram has registered a police complaint against several of the abusers under Sections 354 A, 382, 147 and 149 of the Pakistan Penal Code. The men are being charged with assault, theft, rioting and unlawful assembly. Lahore police are trying to identify the men through CCTV footage and videos circulating across social media.

Sajid Kiyani, Lahore’s deputy inspector general of operations, said in an official statement:

“[Those] who violated the woman’s honor and harassed [her team] will be brought within the ambit of the law.”

News channels claim that Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been in contact with police officials regarding the investigation.


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