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Will Back 4 Blood have a split-screen option?

Back 4 Blood is already proving to be a fantastic co-op experience for anyone playing online. However, as the game inches closer to a full release, many players may be wondering if it will have a local split-screen co-op option.

The option for split-screen is not available in the current beta that players have access to. However, that’s not surprising as other features are also missing. That’s only par for the course in a game beta; everything won’t be available to play just yet.

The launch of Back 4 Blood may be a different story. In a social media post, Turtle Rock Studios answered a question regarding a split-screen option in the full game.

The developers explained that while there will be no split-screen when Back 4 Blood launches, that may not always be the case.

Turtle Rock Studios stated that fans’ calls for a split-screen option have been heard, and the feature could make an appearance in the near future.

Many co-op games these days don’t have a split-screen option. However, considering the legacy of Left 4 Dead and its spiritual successor, it would make sense for the feature to be added.

Solo, co-op, and splitscreen play in Back 4 Blood

Even though split-screen won’t be available when Back 4 Blood releases, players still have many different features to enjoy. One of the best features is, of course, cross-platform play.

In the beta for Back 4 Blood, players can participate in crossplay lobbies that allow players all over the community to play together. It certainly makes the zombie shooter far more accessible while others wait for split-screen.

Solo play will also be another available option when the game launches. The option for a solo campaign is not available in the beta, but it is in the menu when players try to find a match. Unfortunately, the option is grayed out, so it can’t be selected, at least not for now.

It is important to remember that Back 4 Blood is still in the open beta, and many features are absent from it. Fortunately, its official release is just around the corner, and players can get the full game on October 12, 2021. Hopefully, a split-screen co-op feature won’t follow too long after.

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