Tuesday, November 29, 2022

‘You Resemble Me’: First-Look Clip From Dina Amer Debut Exec Produced By Spike Lee – Venice

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s a first clip from You Resemble Me, the debut feature of NY-based Egyptian-American director Dina Amer which has its world premiere in the Venice Days section of the Venice Film Festival this week.

Executive Produced by Spike Lee, Spike Jonze and Alma Har’el, the French-language pic is being sold by CAA for North America and Match Factory for international.

Cultural and intergenerational trauma erupt in this story about two sisters on the outskirts of Paris. After the siblings are torn apart, the eldest, Hasna, struggles to find her identity, leading to a choice that shocks the world.

Director Amer says the film was “created to understand the roots of one woman’s trauma — a journey through layers of disassociation, from the personal and familial to the religious and colonial; a kaleidoscope of splintered identities and fractured dreams. You Resemble Me is an invitation to look beyond our perception of the absolute truth, challenging us to lift the veils that prevent us from seeing ourselves in each other.”

Amer was an associate producer on the Oscar nominated and Emmy winning documentary The Square, where the Egyptian Revolution was chronicled from the front lines. Growing up between the U.S. and Egypt, Amer’s work has focused on sharing human stories with a global audience.

Prior to her film work, Amer was an on-air correspondent for VICE, including The Black Market Series, where she uncovered the human trafficking of Syrian refugees and explored the underground economy of illegal Egypt-Gaza tunnels.

You Resemble Me is produced by Amer, Karim Amer and Elizabeth Woodward.


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